Monday, August 25, 2014

Meter Needle

This meter was one of the first clips I recorded for the stock footage blog.  That was almost 3 years ago (from the time of THIS posting).  Looping this was quite fun, and actually pretty easy.  The chaotic movement of the needle made finding a transition point simple (I practically guessed!).

This cinemagraph was created using footage from my free stock footage blog, Beachfront B-Roll.
The specific clip used, "Meter 3", can be found in the post "My First Few Clips"

To reduce the main page loading times, the Cinemagraph can be previewed and downloaded in various resolutions by clicking "read more" below.

Download "Meter Needle" Cinemagraph, Large 960px wide
Download "Meter Needle" Cinemagraph, Medium 600px wide
Download "Meter Needle" Cinemagraph, Small 450px wide

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