Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sunset by the Water

Water is slowly becoming my favorite element to work with in regards to creating cinemagraphs.  Even with very little movement, you can sense the raw power it holds.  I've only animated a sliver of this frame, for a small amount of time, but the motion seems to resonate even to waves that are still.  I hope travel bloggers will find this useful.

This cinemagraph was created using footage from my free stock footage blog, Beachfront B-Roll.
The specific clip used, "Sunset Waves Wide", can be found in the post "3 Clips are Set to Wave"

To reduce the main page loading times, the Cinemagraph can be previewed and downloaded in various resolutions by clicking "read more" below.

Download "Sunset Waves" Cinemagraph, Large 960px wide
Download "Sunset Waves" Cinemagraph, Medium 600px wide
Download "Sunset waves" Cinemagraph, Small 450px wide

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