Friday, August 22, 2014

A Computer Hard Drive

Perfect for the tech blogger,  I shot this clip with a macro lens and only the light from my Nexus 7 tablet.  Had a lot of fun doing it.  I think this is one of those "true" Cinemagraphs too. Considering all of the moving parts a hard drive has, I chose to only move the actuator arm.  I think it works pretty well since the motion blur from the spinning platters and spindle gives the illusion that the drive is still in motion anyway.

This cinemagraph was created using footage from my free stock footage blog, Beachfront B-Roll.
The specific clip used, "Hard Drive Spinning", can be found in the post "1 Free Stock Footage Clip is Driving Hard"

To reduce the main page loading times, the Cinemagraph can be previewed and downloaded in various resolutions by clicking "read more" below.

Download "Hard Drive Spinning" Cinemagraph, Large 960px wide
Download "Hard Drive Spinning" Cinemagraph, Medium 600px wide
Download "Hard Drive Spinning" Cinemagraph, Small 450px wide


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