Friday, August 22, 2014

A Cassette Tape

Another great one.  I originally shot this clip when I was geeking out over the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy".  If you are late to the game and are still reviewing the film, this may be the perfect blog header or pagebreak for you.  If you are fluent in Photoshop, you can also add whatever text you'd like to the tape label.

This cinemagraph was created using footage from my free stock footage blog, Beachfront B-Roll.
The specific clip used, "Cassette Tape", can be found in the post "1 Stock Footage Clip Hits The Deck"

To reduce the main page loading times, the Cinemagraph can be previewed and downloaded in various resolutions by clicking "read more" below.

Download "Cassette Tape" Cinemagraph, Large 960px wide
Download "Cassette Tape" Cinemagraph, Medium 600px wide
Download "Cassette Tape" Cinemagraph, Small 450px wide

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